Top 5 MailShake Alternatives & Competitors 2022

Are you looking for MailShake Alternative? Check out this list of Top 5 MailShake Alternatives & Competitors !

Are you looking for Mailshake Alternatives? For many, MailShake is a dream come true and it does have a lot of amazing features. However, one area where it lacks is in its ability to connect to Google Spreadsheets. You can't export data from MailShake directly into your spreadsheet and this makes it harder to connect with potential sources. You need to use multiple platforms and edit each one separately to make sure the data is consistent, especially when you're going through hundreds of emails. Managing your outreach is a time-consuming challenge but there are ways to adapt and still get the job done in a timely manner, as there are plenty of MailShake Alternatives and here we created a list of top 5 MailShake Alternatives.

If you are not satisfied with Mailshake, and you're looking for a viable alternative - there is plenty of great alternatives to settle with. One thing you have to be aware of is that they all have their own set of compatibility problems and features, but they're all great to have if you're looking for a replacement!

What is a MailShake?

MailShake is a great way to help any business improve their email marketing and sales. If you want to keep track of your email outreach, data, send personalized emails and track your success, MailShake is for you. This service was developed and designed by a small team of dedicated professionals who have extensive experience in the sales and marketing industry and who understand the challenges businesses go through when it comes to reaching out to leads.It’s a great way of figuring out how to tailor your emails to be more effective with the segmented contacts that you’re reaching out to. You can collect useful insights with the integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You can easily track opens, clicks, and conversions from your website.

What is Cold Email?

Cold email may seem like a daunting task. It can be time consuming, and you may have questions about how to make it work. Fortunately, there are automated systems that can help. Automating cold email will help you get more done in less time. You can set up templates to follow, set timers, and automate follow-ups. You'll be alerted when prospects open your emails, when they click on links you've placed, and you can set up sales funnels to guide them to sales pages and other places. Many Mailshake Alternatives offer all these features.

Cold emailing has been a fundamental online marketing tactic for a while now. A lot of marketers use software to make it easier and faster, but there are some programs that are better than the rest. A software that can help you manage emailing campaigns is much better than one that simply sends out emails, so keep an eye out for that. You want software that can help you track your campaigns better, but also make it easier to create personalized emails. Make sure there is some way to follow up with prospects, whether it's an auto responder or a CC list. The better the software, the more time you can save and the more money you can make!

MailShake Features

✅ Automate your email outreach

MailShake is a user-friendly email outreach tool that allows you to contact thousands of prospects all at once. MailShake's and MailShake Alternatives features allow you to send customized emails to your prospects quickly and easily. MailShake offers automated follow-ups that help save you time. The follow-ups ensure that you never miss a chance to pitch your product and grow your business.

MailShake is a very easy way to send emails to thousands of prospects at once. You just need a list of emails, say from your big prospect list, and MailShake takes it from there! It's perfect for following up with all those leads you've been meaning to follow up with. Much better than trying to hunt them down one by one, don't you think? It doesn't take much time, either. You can get your job done to perfection and sent off to thousands of people all at once and you can rest easy knowing it'll get done.

✅ Powerful mail merge

A problem that many businesses face is the tedious task of writing the same type of content over and over again. This is where mail merge comes in. Mail merge is a software that automatically generates content with basic input such as the recipient's name and addresses. MailShake and MailShake Alternatives are advanced email marketing tools that not only allows you to write better email content but also offers a mail merge functionality that is simple and easy to use. The combination of MailShake's templates with the mail merge functionality will help you create unique content for every client.

What does it mean to mail merge? It means you can customize your emails for each recipient. This can be done with MailShake's and MailShake’s Alternatives powerful mail merge feature. How does it work? First you input your recipient's info into MailShake or MailShake Alternatives. Then, using MailShake Alternatives tools, you can select all of the info you want to use when writing the emails. For example, you can put the recipient's name into the content of the email and have the subject line read 'Hi [Name]!' It's a fantastic way to personalize your email messages, and it's a lot of fun to experiment with!

✅ Maximize deliverability by pausing sequences

When you're managing email campaigns, you're always looking for ways to increase the number of conversions. One of the things you can do is pause a sequence when a prospect replies, unsubscribes, or bounces. This is something you can do with MailShake and some MailShake Alternatives. When you have this integration, MailShake and MailShake Alternatives will analyze your email automation based on your rules in Drip and pause the sequence. When something triggers a rule in Drip, MailShake and MailShake Alternatives will pause your sequence for you. This way you can ensure that your emails are only being sent out with the most qualified prospects.

✅ Customize your sending schedule

The best way to improve response rates is to customize when you send your emails to your audience. Your schedule should be designed around your prospects - how often do they check their email, when do they usually forget about it, and when are they more likely to open an email. In addition to this, you should also segment your audience into different groups by traits, interests and demographic information. You can then send out unique content to each one of these groups, which will improve your chances of conversion! This is something you can do with MailShake Alternatives.

✅ Email Templates

Don't you hate it when you land on a site that wants you to sign up for something but you have no idea what they're offering? Great content is not great if it doesn't communicate value! Just like in a conversation, if you can't explain what you're doing or what you're selling, how are you going to convince anyone to buy? With emails, the most important part is the template. It is what you see in the inbox and it can make or break your campaign. It needs to be simple, engaging, and relevant. And to create any of those things you need to have a solid template to build off of! Some of MailShake Alternatives offer temples you can choose from.

Personalization Tips

Too many cold emails are sent and never read by the audience. The chances of such a thing happening increase if you don’t personalize every email. While it does take effort, it’s worth it. You’ll even need to go a step further and tailor your previous email to show that you understand the incentives of your target audience. It’s quite simple, you’ll simply say “You told me X in the past” or “I’ve noticed that you’re interested in X in our previous conversations”. By doing these things you’ll increase how many people respond to your emails, dramatically improving your chances of success.

Top 5 MailShake Alternatives


Top 5 MailShake Alternatives & Competitors 2022

LabiMail powered by the LabiOffice Suite of apps for Marketing, Sales & Customer support! LabiMail is a powerful tool with a simple directive: to help sales teams make more sales. This email marketing tool was designed with the focus on different types of sales. It provides a powerful and easy-to-use email marketing solution for small-to-medium sized businesses. Their features include marketing automation, lead nurturing, email drip campaigns, email scheduling and more. LabiMail is designed with a wide range of options that are simple and easy to use. Their user-friendly interface and scheduling options ensure that you always have the right communications at the right time. LabiMail is one of the top MailShake Alternatives.


Top 5 MailShake Alternatives & Competitors 2022

It's hard to be in sales not knowing about Lemlist. They are offering a great set of features for the sales team to reach a higher number of prospects. However, their pricing, design, and features may not appeal to everyone. Lemlist is a great MailShake Alternatives.

Top 5 MailShake Alternatives & Competitors 2022

Gmass is another good MailShake Alternatives to use directly with your Gmail account. Gmass is an add-on to your Gmail and that may be the most annoying detail about it, as not everyone likes to manage their sales prospecting directly from the Gmail account. However, for some this is a benefit and many choose Gmass as their cold email outreach software.

Top 5 MailShake Alternatives & Competitors 2022 just like Lemlist are in the same category of cold email outreach software that serve as great MailShake Alternatives. It has many great features and is definitely worth checking.


Top 5 MailShake Alternatives & Competitors 2022

Salesmate is a relatively new cold email outreach software and rival to MailShake. Overall we see a lot of potential and it deserved its spot in the top MailShake Alternatives.

With this knowledge, we hope that you will be able to find the best MailShake alternative for you and that you can use it to boost your sales. If you have any other questions about MailShake, or cold email outreach campaigns and best practices, please feel free to contact us anytime at. Thank you for reading and we are always excited when we are able to provide useful information on prospecting and sales topics like this!

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